Proxima Selected by Dairy Crest for Long Term Outsource Contract

Proxima will manage approximately 250 million of spend for Dairy Crest, whose brands include Cathedral City Cheddar cheese, Clover, Country Life and FRijj. The company delivers milk to around 750,000 households via their “milk&more” doorstep delivery service and is listed on the London Stock Exchange as a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.

Proxima’s role includes identifying and implementing initiatives to enhance the commercial value of Dairy Crest’s supplier relationships as well as the management of indirect categories in support of the company’s wider long term strategy. At the heart of this approach is the objective of improving performance and aligning the benefits of success across the entire organisation and supply chain.

As well as our branded business, we are one of the UK’s largest purchasers of fresh milk, buying around 1.9 billion litres every year. We source our milk directly from around 1,100 British dairy farmers.

Proxima, a leading global procurement services provider, is the alternative approach to the conventional in-house procurement function. We focus on aligning an organisation’s third party costs with their corporate aims and helping companies spend well and maximise value from their operations. We address one of the most complex problems facing modern businesses – the extent to which most operations are now carried out by suppliers, and the lack of control associated with that – and turn it into a massive opportunity.

SOURCE Proxima