Revolutionary Fire Blanket Offers Over 200 Percent More Fire Protection to Firefighters and Homes

Malibu, CA (PRWEB) July 28, 2014

“Our firefighters routinely lay their very lives on the line when called upon to defend our homes and forests,” said James Moseley, Founder and CEO of SunSeeker Enterprises. “Currently the fire blanket they use is so ineffective it’s been nicknamed ‘the shake and bake.’ SunSeeker will provide over twice the protection in terms of temperature and 5 times the protection in terms of time, than the ones now in use.”

Current fire blankets will withstand up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 1 minute. The SunSeeker fire blanket withstands temperatures over 2500 degrees for up to 5 minutes. The fire blanket is made of NASA-based and UL-approved ceramic fiber blanket that withstands 3,000F, with an Inconel spray that keeps the foil of the fire shelter from disintegrating like it did in Yarnell, Arizona where 19 hotshot firefighters lost their lives in 2013. The spray is waterproof so can be applied well in advance of a fire approaching.

“The city of Prescott, Arizona, just observed the 1-year memorial of the 19 firefighters who sacrificed their lives in battling the Yarnell Hill fire there,” Moseley continued. “We want to ensure that firefighters in the future have a greatly improved chance of survival in such a catastrophe.”

Moseley sees another important application for the SunSeeker fire blanket in home protection. A primary cause of home fires is embers jumping from one home to another and burning through the roof. “If a fire blanket were installed between the plywood and the felt in the roofing systems of homes, the fire would not reach the plywood, which in most cases is the only thing between the frame of the attic and the rest of a home,” Moseley stated. SunSeeker technology can also be applied in other areas of a home through which fire can enter.