Best Peaches Battle for Votes in Organic Fruit Comparison Tests

The O’Henry, a tasty heart-shaped peach said to be the best for grilling, and the Cal Red, named by Farmer Al as the Frog Hollow Farm “signature peach,” have overlapping harvests for one week. And the Battle of the Peaches is born.

Brentwood, California, United States, July 29, 2014 /MarketersMedia/ —

The three-week “Battle of the Peaches” is underway. In a message to customers this week, Frog Hollow Farm owner “Farmer Al” Courchesne said, “We’re out in the orchard and the picking crew is harvesting O’Henry peaches. This means that the beloved Battle of the Peaches is back! For discerning peach lovers, this battle is actually a celebration that brings together the best peaches we grow at Frog Hollow Farm.”

One of summer’s finest treats is a fragrant and sweet tree-ripened peach dripping with juice. Now, the tastiest peach of the season will be determined by customers of a special organic fruit delivery program featuring the champion Cal Red and the up and coming challenger, O’Henry. Lovers of fresh ripe peaches can taste two famous varieties at once when the harvests overlap for a short time.

California’s Frog Hollow Farm taste-off between these two varieties begins this weekend at participating Bay-area farmers markets. Nationally, connoisseurs of organic peaches can have their own taste-off when they participate in an organic fruit box delivery program for three weeks from late July to mid August. Or they can order a one-shipment “Battle Box.”

The annual Battle of the Peaches always begins with the harvest of ripe O’Henry peaches at Frog Hollow Farm. The O’Henry harvest overlaps for almost a week in early August with the Cal Red, last year’s champion. When the Cal Red peaches are ready, Frog Hollow Farm will offer participants both varieties at the same time, so that customers can sample both contenders. The following and final week peach lovers finish with the fresh-picked Cal Reds.

Farmer Al adopted the Cal Red as the Frog Hollow Farm signature peach. The Cal Red is a unique variety that is the favorite of discerning peach lovers across the United States. However, the O’Henry, according to Farmer Al, “is my favorite peach to grill. The O’Henry has the flavor, size, and crimson blush that makes a truly memorable peach.” Its pointed form makes heart-shaped slices for an attractive plate presentation.

Farmer Al is called a “rock star” in the organic fruit delivery industry. He selects only the most flavorful and sweetest tree-ripened fruit to ship directly to Frog Hollow Farm customers. “From tree to table in 48 hours,” he says. All tree-ripened fruit from Frog Hollow Farm is hand-packed and shipped unblemished, ready to eat. Because they can’t predict all harvest conditions, some late-harvest orders may not be filled, says Farmer Al, “because we are sticklers for quality and want to make certain you get the best peaches there are.”

About Frog Hollow Farm: They are a 143-acre certified organic farm located in the fertile Sacramento River Delta just east of San Francisco in Brentwood, California. Farmer Al says only 2% of all fruit is cosmetically perfect. Fruit with minor blemishes (most of the harvest) goes to local Farmer’s Markets. Beautiful fruit with great flavor and able to survive shipping goes to online mail order customers. Ready-to-eat blemished fruit finds its way to the weekly boxes of the Community Supported Agriculture program that Frog Hollow Farm operates.

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