Congratulations to This Year”s Olive Oil of the Year Calivirgin

The 5th annual Central Coast Olive Oil Competition, hosted by the California Mid-State Fair featured over 100 olive oils produced in California. The panel of judges evaluated entries based on aroma, taste, and intensity ranging from delicate to robust. Central Coast Olive Oil Competition judges noted Calivirgin oils as very nicely balanced oil ripe fruit with lovely rich aromas blending in perfect harmony.

The Coldani family tradition of farming began in the Piedmont Region of Italy, for over 70 years they have carried on the tradition in the San Joaquin of California. Farming olives arose in the form of a California Polytechnic, San Luis Obispo senior project. The project started out as vineyard, the fertile soil sparked a greater design. The project led to planting olive groves and became one of the most successful in the nation. To date the Coldani family run operation takes pride as the majority of the team are Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo graduates.