New Entrepreneur Aims to Prevent Sports Acne with Acne Mop

Farmington, UT (PRWEB) July 30, 2014

As an athlete himself, Ed Everhart saw the need for a product aimed at preventing and treating sports-related acne. When he realized no existing product did the job, he created his own formula, patented it and unveiled Acne Mop.

When someone works out, natural body oils and sweat are trapped under clothing and protective padding, forcing these oils back into pores and producing acne. In order to prevent this, Everhart created Acne Mop: Disposable cloths soaked in a natural formula of tea tree oil, white tea and cloves that fights acne. These cloths are tailored to fit comfortably under helmets, hats, pads, chin straps and shirts, and are meant to be worn for the duration of a workout, then discarded.

When Everhart had challenges finding a business to license his product, he mustered the determination every small business owner needs and decided to patent it himself, leaving his career of 23 years. He learned of Guidant Financial in a magazine article, and used the company’s services to help him roll over funds from his retirement account to invest in his idea.

“Guidant was very professional,” Everhart said. “[Their process] was a piece of cake.”

For Everhart, becoming an entrepreneur and seeing his product come to life was a dream come true. Now, he’s determined to create a coveted place to work by growing this business and treating his employees like gold.

In his spare time, Everhart enjoys long-distance running and lifting weights. “My best ideas come to me when I run,” he explained. “It clears and opens my mind.”