Editors Choice Award: Best Nootropics & Brain Pills 2014

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 31, 2014

With Lucy, a movie about a brain enhancing drug, having hit cinemas nationwide just last week, the internet will no doubt be abuzz with Google searches for a similar substance allowing people the full 100% use of their brains. While this might seem like Hollywood fantasy, there are in fact brain pills, or ‘nootropics’, that do offer increased focus, memory retention and recall, mental acuity, and the overall optimization of brain performance. As these pills become increasingly mainstream every day, it is no surprise that they are fast-becoming as common as coffee in the pantry in the average American workplace.

Martin Brison, Editor of BrainPillReviews.com reveals the results, “From over 2,800 available cognitive enhancing supplements on the market, NITROvit, Neuroprime, and Biohack Pure were all hoping to get their hands on the prestigious award. Those following us online would know that this year the stakes were even higher, as both NITROvit and Neuroprime had also been 2013’s finalists. After the scores were tallied, it seems that the mighty crown has once again fallen short of Neuroprime’s reach as it was handed to now two-time consecutive recipient of the award, NITROvit.”

The finalists were compared in a variety of categories, which included their short- and long-term effectiveness, quality of ingredients, community efforts in educating the ever-growing market, and overall value for money.

Brison explained, “While all three products performed exceptionally well, it is in long-term effects where NITROvit soared above the rest. We found NITROvit showed increasingly positive results with each passing month, as if the effects compounded. This was also confirmed by our reader’s reviews. That aside, NITROvit’s ingredients also suggested qualities that allowed for efficient fat loss, increased libido, and even showed efficacy as a quit smoking pill.”

NITROvit is the brainchild of Neuro Laboratories’ CEO and founder Archie Marks, a lifetime sufferer of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). Marks’ own fight against ADD and the passionate 8 years invested in bringing the final formula and product to fruition is what makes NITROvit as successful as it is today. In its current position, NITROvit’s clients aren’t just add sufferers, however, and include entrepreneurs, CEOs, medical practitioners, engineers, athletes and even members of the US military.

In 2013 alone, NITROvit had been recipient of 7 Editor’s Choice Awards for Brain Enhancement, and it seems as though this year may certainly be a repeat success.

Brison commented, “In today’s increasingly competitive work environment, the evolutionary theory ‘survival of the fittest’ cannot be expressed more strongly. While in the past, the definition of ‘fit’ might have changed many times over as we as a race evolved from hunters to farmers to the modern man, today’s societal definition of ‘fit’ demands us to perform at our absolute mental peak. What has long been the stuff of science fiction is to many people fast-becoming an everyday reality. If we are trying to get that promotion at work, striving to get on top of our hectic schedules, or are serious about taking our businesses above and beyond, brain enhancement through the use of nootropic supplements will allow us to reach that next level. The possibilities are endless.”