Ben & Jerry”s Sails into Seattle with Free Scoops

Ben & Jerry’s scoop truck tour is scooping out the newest Cores lineup to fans. (Photo: Business Wire)

Now through August 27, the truck will be scooping out free super premium chunks and swirls at local community events, businesses and non- profits. Here are a few ways to cross paths with the Scoop Truck:

While giving away free scoops is nothing new for the Vermont-based ice cream company, the stops that the Scoop Truck will be making will be a little different this year. The Storyteller will be helping guide the truck ensuring it is hitting up unique and local areas of the city, and engaging fans for their recommendations on where to go.

“For the past few years we’ve been dishing out free scoops around the country to connect with our fans in local cities,” says Doree Speidel. “This year, in each city we visit we want to get to the heart of the community and experience the truly local vibe. I’m looking forward to exploring everything Seattle has to offer, from the lush green outdoors to the farmers markets and Pacific Northwest foodie scene. I’m excited to see Mount Rainer and the Puget Sound in all its glory, roam the neighborhoods from Queen Anne to Downtown, and of course get my coffee buzz on.”

The 2014 Scoop Truck tour will feature two of 2014’s newest core flavors, including: