Umbra Applied Technologies Groups, Intrepid Energy, Completes Two Refinery Agreements

Alex Umbra, Chief Executive Officer of Umbra Applied Technologies Group, remarked, “We have passed many milestones over the past twelve months and this is just another example of our company surpassing benchmarks and rapidly advancing towards monetizing our hydrocarbon portfolio. We look forward to the creation of our energy farm, and proving that our Greentech products will enhance the efficiency and profitability of Intrepid’s oil & gas production.”

Intrepid Energy has aggressively increased its land holdings over the past six months. With the collaboration of its sister company, UAT, Intrepid Energy is poised to become one of the first oil producers in the world to produce crude oil almost entirely with a zero carbon footprint. The proposed wind farm and alternative energy R&D facility in Kansas is scheduled to be operational by the end of 2015 and is projected to produce enough clean electricity to support drilling and pumping operations.

Umbra Applied Technologies Group, Inc. is a diversified, leading edge technology company with a forward vision in the fields of alternative energy, conventional energy, medical innovation, environmental remediation, weaponry, and compound recognition technologies which are marketed toward homeland security.