Lattenos Rx Harvest Collective Acquires S. Orange County MMJ Delivery Service currently has a client list of approximately 900 patients, the majority of them active. Latteno anticipates that the acquisition along with the integration of its MMJ strains and edibles will produce a gross revenue potentially exceeding $2000 per day.

In addition to the expanded customer base, the acquisition includes marketing and intellectual properties:

All Rx Harvest Collective, CannaBeeSweets and MMJOC delivery inquiries will be centralized at the main number of (844) 332-7101.

Earlier this month, the company signed a joint venture agreement (JV) with Los Angeles based Greenlight Discount Pharmacy, a Pre-ICO Prop D license holder, to co-open and co-own a dispensary in Arleta, CA. Latteno also announced the partnership with a Pre-ICO Prop D medical dispensary operating out of Los Angeles, CA. This JV has added 4 new Marijuana strains to Rx Harvest Collective’s inventory. Other projects this month include the signing of a comprehensive joint venture agreement with a Denver based, third party grower, to begin production on a 35 acre farm in Peyton, CO. Initial projections indicate that production yields could reach as high as $200,000 monthly.

The new ventures and initiatives have been developed to provide complementary, sustainable revenue streams to each market they pertain to. The partnership with the Pre-ICO Greenlight Discount Pharmacy and the addition of premier marijuana strains represent positive steps forward in the company’s MMJ strategy.

Additionally, Latteno’s entry into the lucrative sex enhancement industry with its Erectile Dysfunction and sexual enhancement supplement, Proprietary LT-512, has generated substantial additional revenue streams in a new major market. These new streams flow in conjunction with those currently in place in the Medical Marijuana Market (MMJ) and the seafood industry.