Rwanda and European Union Agree on New US $618 Million Development Plan, Reports KT Press

Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Claver Gatete noted that despite the 4.6 % economic growth registered in 2013 due to poor performance in the agriculture sector, necessary reforms were put in place to tackle growth impediments to achieve 11.5% growth in by 2018.

“There is a recovery plan,” Minister Gatete said. “We will work towards ensuring that impediments are solved by constantly monitoring progress and intervening where necessary.”

EU Ambassador to Rwanda Michael Ryan acknowledged the efforts that government has put into enhancing national development and pledged EU’s continued support.

“There has been substantial growth registered but more efforts are needed to achieve the EDPRS 2 targets given the growth registered last year,” Ambassador Ryan said.

A set of reforms has already been put in place to boost growth. These include Umuganda (the monthly community service program), investment code revision, enforcing use of electronic billing machines to enforce tax compliance as well as taxation regime revision to increase the tax base.