Harmons Neighborhood Grocer Now Offers Harmoniously Raised Verlasso(R) Salmon

Fifteen Harmons Neighborhood Grocer stores in the Salt Lake City area will now offer Verlasso(R) harmoniously raised salmon in the seafood case.

Verlasso harmoniously raised fish is now available at 15 stores near Salt Lake City (Photo: Business Wire)

“Verlasso(R) offers a premium salmon raised in harmony with the environment. By giving our salmon the best life possible and continually improving our farming methods, we are able to provide sustainability-minded seafood lovers at Harmons a superior quality, delicious fish,” said Scott Nichols, Verlasso(R) director.

“Verlasso(R) has a phenomenal product that aligns with Harmons’ standards of sustainable and eco-friendly offerings,” said Evan Francois, chef and seafood director, Harmons.

Harmons, your neighborhood grocer(R) is known for its unique grocery industry approach, which provides the true value to its customers through fresh, local foods prepared in-store by chefs, artisans and experts; Utah’s Own products; and an aggressive sustainability program.

Verlasso(R) is a brand and trademark of AquaChile.AquaChile and DuPont formed a collaboration that will blend the collective innovation and aquaculture expertise of the companies to identify how to raise fish sustainably to provide nutritious protein for a growing population.