Perez has launched an Indiegogo campaign to support Ocean Pad Project

Owning an ocean island may seem like a wild dream for most people. Not for Oriam Perez, however.

Perez, a Miami entrepreneur and former member of the US Navy, is CEO of the Ocean Pad Project, an innovative venture that is developing artificial islands for residential and commercial use. He calls it “sea-steading” and his team includes 13 engineers as well as ecological experts, biologists and other professionals.

Each Ocean Pad is 40 x 20 feet and weighs 185,000 pounds. They can be linked together to form clusters that can make up a small island. The clusters include equipment and eco-friendly systems that make them sustainable and self-sufficient.

“My passion and desire for this project started through many years of travel around the world’s oceans with the Navy,” said Perez. “The vision was to live freely on an island that has self-sustainability. Ocean Pad clusters use natural resources, creating a symbiotic relationship with the environment while enjoying the vast beauty of the oceans.”

To purchase an island on the world real estate market, the price tag would be anywhere from $10 million on up. An island of of Ocean Pad clusters, which includes all the necessary self-sustainability systems, is estimated to cost less than $150,000.

The weight and design make the cluster bottom-heavy and stable, and they can be placed as close to the shore as desired. An Ocean Pad island can be built in a matter of months anywhere in the world.

“Our structures adhere and surpass international regulations,” noted Perez.

In addition to private island residences, the Ocean Pad clusters can be used for natural energy production, eco-friendly agriculture and livestock farming, and real estate.

Perez is estimating that he needs about $100,000 to move the project forward. This money would be used for building a mold to produce the first test pads and also fund subsequent engineering tests.

“This process will take six months to a year to complete, after which we can start full production of these pads for both residential and commercial clients,” Perez said.

Donations of any amount are welcome. Contributions of $10 and more are eligible for perks such as pens, T-shirts, coffee mugs, water bottle and hats. For a $10,000 pledge, backers will receive a personal tour of the first model pad cluster in Florida.