Can He Find the Eye of the Sleeping Dragon?

What would a girl do when a seemingly fantastical tale that’s used to be narrated by her grandfather turns out to be actually real? Readers are about to find out as they meet Bay Wang and Hong.

Bay Wang kept turning down unwanted suitors that bargained for her marriage. One day, a poor gentleman named Hong broke into Bay’s father’s farm to borrow a rooster but her father accused him of stealing. To save his hand, Hong agreed to enter a bargain with the rich farmer.

Hong took the search for a magical stone called The Eye of the Sleeping Dragon.But what he doesn’t know is that the stone was only a part of a fable Bay’s grandfather used to tell. Now, Hong is in a predicament: he had to either bring home The Eye or prove that the stone was unreal. But what would he choose to do and how would he do it?

An unwanted task in the beginning turns out to be a good adventure with fantastic creatures and the wonders of the mountain.This is an amazing adventure that leads to a happy, fruitful ending.