Kimberly-Clark Corporation And Greenpeace Mark Fifth Anniversary Of Collaboration To Protect Forests

Over the years, the relationship helped accomplish key objectives for both organizations by increasing the use of fiber from sustainable sources. The two organizations opened a dialogue that enabled both parties to learn they had many shared goals and could help each other achieve them.

For Kimberly-Clark, the collaboration with Greenpeace and other stakeholders such as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) provided important insights into ways to improve the sustainability of its products and its supply chain.Since the partnership began, Kimberly-Clark has:

For Greenpeace, this relationship has made a significant contribution to responsible forest management globally and reduced pressure on the world’s most vulnerable forests

As pressure on natural resources continues to increase, both organizations remain committed to maintaining healthy forests worldwide. For example, Kimberly-Clark continues to set a high standard in its fiber sourcing goals for the policies, including:


SOURCE Kimberly-Clark Corporation