Kickstarter Project Plans to Reinvent the Coffee Supply Chain

Over the next several months, the Vega founders will be focused on optimizing each step in their supply chain, from managing in-country training and production, to navigating import and export regulations, to making sure coffee arrives on-time to customer homes across the US. Expansion into other regions and countries comes next, and their vision is for hundreds, if not thousands of farms and cooperatives selling their freshly roasted beans via Vega’s online marketplace.

And with over 25 million coffee farmers worldwide, the teambelieves both the immediate and long-term benefits of their model and potential impact extend far beyond the farm: “the additional income our farmers receive not only goesback into the care and quality of their crops, but also a better education for their children, greater access to healthcare for their communities, and the ability to build a better future.”

SOURCE Vega Coffee