Drone Aviation Delivers Aerial Photogrammetry Survey Package

The custom designed aerial photogrammetry survey package is an aerial imaging system designed for DAC’s compact, low cost lighter than air aerostat systems. Featuring a gimbaled high resolution digital camera, mounted to a small aerostat connected to a tether line controlled by a winch, the photogrammetry system can be utilized for various safety and civil applications including land surveying, land management and planning, and road construction and repair. The aerial photogrammetry system is also ideal for topographic research, archaeology, geology and global warming studies. The customized system includes all necessary equipment to launch, operate and recover the aerostat including various high resolution digital photography equipment.

With the delivery of our specialized aerial imaging system, we continue to greatly expand the capabilities of our customers utilizing our aerostat product line,” stated Felicia Hess, CEO of Drone Aviation Corp. “The combination of our cost-effective aerostats along with this advanced photogrammetry package creates many new civil and commercial opportunities for our clients in the areas of land management, agriculture and real estate, and we look forward to bringing this cost effective solution to new and existing customers.”