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Drums, PA (PRWEB) August 07, 2014

CAO Colombia

In an isolated mountainous region of Colombia near the Caribbean coast lies a region called Montes de Maria. There, for the past 15 years, a family of farmers has tended to an alluring tobacco known as Ica Mazinga. Derived from a Cuban seed first grown in Colombia in the 1820s, Ica Mazinga is a captivating varietal that burns beautifully and smokes effortlessly. The unique flavor of Ica Mazinga is harnessed in CAO Colombia, the first cigar to prominently feature Colombian tobacco. This mild-to-medium-bodied blend is a savory smoke, boasting notes of toasted nuts sprinkled with briny nuances for an adventure into the unexpected.

CAO Colombia is available for pre-order in the following sizes:

Cohiba Nicaragua

The artisans of Cohiba are proud to unveil the brand’s first Nicaraguan cigar, Cohiba Nicaragua: a luxurious expression of the strength and complexity of Nicaraguan Tobacco. Blended with the finest hand-selected leaves from the volcanic soils of Esteli and Jalapa, Cohiba Nicaragua is full flavored and intricately balanced. As finesse is of paramount importance, this is a rich, creamy smoke, peppered with bold notes of spice. Just as this Nicaraguan collection ushers in an entirely new dimension of taste to the Cohiba portfolio, the commitment to flawless construction is strictly upheld.

Cohiba Nicaragua is available for pre-order in the following sizes:

445 ,550, 554, & 660

Macanudo Estate Reserve Jamaica

Featuring a 10-year-old Connecticut wrapper and a private reserve of Jamaican tobacco cultivated and aged exclusively for this commemorative release, Macanudo Estate Reserve offers a glimpse into the flavor and aroma that ignited the passion for one of the world’s most beloved cigars. Due to the scarcity of the Jamaican tobacco varietal that comprises the Estate Reserve blend, this small batch offering will only be available until the limited quantity is depleted.

Macanudo Estate Reserve Jamaica is available for pre-order in the following sizes:

Rocky Patel Decade Cameroon

Putting a tasty new spin on the best-selling, 95-rated Decade cigar, Rocky Patel’s Decade Cameroon is an elegantly well-balanced cigar that’s chock-full of complex flavor. Notes of sweet hickory and soft spice mingle with delicious hints of caramel, coffee, and roasted nuts for a layered and luxurious flavor profile with a clean, crisp finish.

Rocky Patel Decade Cameroon is available for pre-order in the following sizes: