Double A resumes production of Evolve: Alizay mills historical and 100% recovered paper brand

Paris, France (PRWEB UK) 8 August 2014

A historical brand symbolizing the successful Alizay mill purchase

Launched in 1996, Evolve has been well accepted in the UK and France by environmentally conscious end consumers and corporations. The production of Evolve paper had been stopped in 2011 following the closing of the Alizay mill (Haute-Normandie). One year after the purchase of the mill by the Thai paper manufacturer, the resumption of the Evolve paper production represents the complete reindustrialization of the Alizay mill and the company’s commitment towards its development in Europe.

“The Alizay mill acquisition in January 2013 has enabled us to reinforce Double A’s standing in Europe while answering our European clients’ expectations. Today, we are proud to celebrate the first anniversary of a mill which combines the machines’ modernity to great performances thanks to skilled and committed workers. This success confirms our development strategy in France and Europe which are key markets for Double A’s growth,” comments Mr. Thirawit Leetavorn, Double A Senior Executive Vice President.

Thanks to workers’ efforts who enabled the starting again of the mill in only four months, the paper mill had produced its first Double A paper reel in the Spring 2013. Today, Alizay paper reams are sold by stationery shops and distributors in France but also in Europe, USA, Africa and Middle-East. The mill has a total paper production capacity of 300,000 tons per year and since the very first year; the production objective of 100,000 tons of paper has been fulfilled.

The Double A Alizay mill ensures the full-time employment of 150 local skilled collaborators and plays a key role in maintaining the local economy.

A 100% recovered paper for everyday printing jobs

From July 2014, Double A will offer its clients a broader range of paper thanks to the production of the Evolve Everyday paper: a paper manufactured from a 100% recovered fiber allowing high quality everyday printings on a high white, smooth paper with a high opacity.

The Evolve brand paper is certified Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), an environmental label ensuring that the production of wood or wood-based products respects sustainable forest management procedures.

The Evolve brand paper reinforces Double A’s commitment in favour of the development of a sustainable paper industry. Indeed, Double A is at the origin of an innovative approach based on the utilization of “KHAN-NA”: vacant spaces around and in between Thai farmer’s rice fields used for planting trees, bringing the best value out of these empty spaces that would otherwise be unused and avoiding to draw from natural forest resources.

Consistent to Double A’s unique properties of premium quality and sustainable paper, Evolve brand is made with the same exacting production standards as Double A. This paper production technology produces paper that has smooth surface for No Jam copying, superior paper sheet formation and better opacity.

Double A will showcase the Evolve Everyday paper as well as its whole range of products on the Salon des Maires from 24 to 27 November 2014.