Jane Turbes Celebrates Over 20 Years of Success in the Finance Industry

Her first jobs were with Farm Credit Services in St. Cloud, MN and Shelard National Bank in St. Louis Park, MN. Being a female, Turbes was in the minority as an employee in both these male-heavy jobs. She had to work twice as hard as her male counterparts to show management and clients that she was intelligent and more than capable to handle their accounts and earn their respect.

Currently, Jane Turbes works as a senior underwriter at Urban Lending Solutions in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. The job entails reviewing and verifying customer documents, performing analysis and calculations on the information provided to find out debt-to-income ratios, unencumbered/ surplus income amounts, property occupancy status and more.

Before this job, Jane Turbes served as community manager for Hammersmith Management Inc. in Greenwood Village, Colorado. In her work as community manager, Jane Turbes facilitated, advised, educated and assisted the Board of Directors, their Committees, and Home Owners, in the daily management and operations of the business. Jane Turbes went over and beyond her call of duty and took over managing community services for the home owners. Turbes was also responsible for coordinating and managing all activities pertaining to finance, planning, analyzing of financial reports and operations budgeting.

In every company she has worked, Jane Turbes has been innovative and has proved her worth over and over again. For example, as a senior analyst at Capital Commercial Inc., Jane Turbes recommended process enhancements, trained and led the team in a precise and effective manner, and facilitated achievement of business objectives in any way she could.

With such extensive experience and knowledge in the Finance field, Jane Turbes is sure to be an incomparable asset for any company she works with.