Real Estate Postcard Marketing Ideas

Veteran Realtors recognize how fierce the competitors to sell homes are, and that the agent who can construct brand name identity will certainly have the ability to enhance sales and commissions. Agents who utilize genuine keep’em cards in their marketing project, are able to develop brand identity, and establish themselves as sales professionals. A postcard, made use of purposefully, can assist a representative take his or her company to new levels. A postcard is a fairly inexpensive marketing tool and it is possible to blanket a particular location with mailings for a lot less than one could believe.

The main objective is to get the postcard into your home owner’s hand, and for your home owner to hold onto the card for future reference. (thus the Keep’em Card) Some Realtors add a residence cleaning idea, house safety lesson, or food preparation dish, so that our home owner saves the card, rather than tossing it out. The postcard that has a house security tip is more likely to be put on the bulletin board or refrigerator, rather than included the garbage. The other type postcards, Keep’em Cards also have information on them so that the home owner will want to keep the postcard and refer back to it over and over again. These Postcards will have sports schedules, holiday events, farmers markets and local public golf courses on them. New Method, LLC actually develops a new Keep’em Card each month of the year for a national audience as well as local markets in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco and Sacramento California, Las Vegas Nevada, Phoenix Arizona, Dallas Texas, and Denver Colorado.

If the postcard has perceived value, the property owner could stick the postcard on his or her refrigerator door, where he or she will see it each time he or she goes to the fridge. Mail the cards each month, with a brand-new message, so that the property owner will certainly get accustomed to getting new messages monthly. Think about postcard marketing as a long term technique.

The agent can speed the sales process by going to those who have been sent by mail a postcard. Numerous agents today invest a great deal of time trying to find web sales leads, but forget that old made personal visits drive sales. Take some time to make some calls, and knock on some doors, and the outcomes from the mailing project will certainly come quicker. One of the best methods is to door knock but make sure you take something with you with your name and company information on is such as a note pad. This will really enhance the postcard program and get quicker and better results over a long period of time.

The postcard must be printed on top quality stock paper. Heavy brite white with a UV Coating is best. The postcard has to be jumbo size enough to capture the attention of the homeowner. The photo of the agent must be on the postcard in order to make the card more individual. The agent’s website URL ought to be provided somewhere on the card, along with the representative’s phone number and email address.

NFL Week-By-Week Schedule Keep’em Card – Postcard Example

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