Animals among Victims in Devastating Bulgarian Flood

Boston, MA (PRWEB) August 10, 2014

Animal protection organization, FOUR PAWS International, along with both the Bulgarian Red Cross and the Bulgarian military, have been working around the clock, providing emergency assistance to farm animals and pets, in the town of Mizia, which is located in the Northwest region of Bulgaria.

Earlier this week, heavy rains led to a minimally reported, but devastating flood, forcing nearly 900 residents of the region to evacuate their homes and farms, many leaving all of their animals behind. Within hours of the heavy rains, flood waters rose to over 13 feet above normal, trapping animals and destroying homes, farms and properties.

FOUR PAWS has been ceaseless in its efforts to provide medical aid, food, and clean water, mostly by boat, to those animals left abandoned or injured due to owner evacuations and flood devastation.

Many people, who rely on their farm animals for their livelihood, refused to evacuate their homes, leaving both them and their animals stranded, with injuries, and without food and water.

According to FOUR PAWS veterinarian and Disaster Relief Team Leader, Marina Ivanova, “People have lost everything they own, and entire farms have been destroyed. People have no means to look after their own animals – they cannot even get home without boats. We have already rescued many animals, and have brought medical supplies and food – but there is much more to be done.”

With the flood waters beginning to recede, the extent of devastation is becoming more evident – not only is FOUR PAWS providing necessities for owners and animal victims, but contaminated water has prompted the team to commence measure-taking for the prevention of the spread of disease.