GraphicAudio(r) Releases Simon R. Greens Forest Kingdom Saga: Once in a Blue Moon

Bethesda, MD (PRWEB) August 11, 2014

Author Simon R. Green says of the production “GraphicAudio has always produced excellent, cutting edge audio adaptations of my work; bringing out the characters and making my worlds real.”

In Simon R. Green’s Once in a Blue Moon from the Forest Kingdom Saga, we visit a world where legends never die, but it seems they cannot retire, either. Hawk and Fisher, famous for their years of keeping the peace in Haven, are really quite happy being legends. They gave up the hero business when they decided they’d grown too old for it. Now they run the Hero Academy, training the next generation of young, would-be saviors.

When their children are taken by the Demon Prince, an old enemy from the Forest Kingdom, he challenges the couple to one final battle for their lives. But Hawk and Fisher believe there’s another motive behind the abductions, one connected to a case they worked in Haven many years ago-a case they refuse to discuss. They have no choice but to return to the Forest Kingdom, to be Prince Rupert and Princess Julia one last time.

Director Terence Aselford says, “I’m very happy to be back in Simon R. Green’s universe of sorcery that defies all known physical laws, swords that choose their own masters, and where beings of every kind move through a magical world.

In bringing both parts of Once in a Blue Moon to GraphicAudio listeners, I’ve had the privilege of working with over 40 actors. Their voices have been edited and placed within a soundscape created by GraphicAudio sound designer John Glennon, who has given the Forest Kingdom a series of ambiences and environments through which Mr. Green’s characters can move and fully live.

Within this world, the characters and the audience will experience the universal elements of honor, courage, truth and humor, as questions from earlier Forest Kingdom Saga books are answered, battles are won and lost, and mysteries are finally solved. It has been a pleasure from start to finish.”

About the Author: Simon R. Green is the author of the bestselling Deathstalker cycle, the New York Times bestseller Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, and many other novels. He lives in Bradford-on-Avon in Wiltshire.