Female Fencing Business Owner Excels in a Male Dominated Industry

“There are many reasons why clients want fencing,” said Brown. “As a woman, mother and business owner, my outlook is a little different. I see the reason for the fencing, while remaining aware of the aesthetic aspects. We offer one of the largest selections of fencing currently available on the market to meet those needs.”

Some individuals seek the timeless elegance and sophistication of wrought iron, while others want the simplicity that an iron, steel or split rail fence provides. Those looking for protection can choose options ranging from chain link to commercial fencing, while individuals with farms and ranches can select from post and rail, barbed wire, field or corral fencing to contain livestock.

In many locations, homes are being constructed closer together, a practice that sacrifices privacy. Wooden privacy fences are extremely popular and clients have the added benefit of being able to incorporate a wide variety of options to personalize their choice. Solar powered cap lights, lattice work and shadow boxes are just some of the available options.

Once the bastion of commercial properties and construction sites, chain link fencing is economical, versatile and has an extensive variety of applications. It can be installed as see through fencing or vinyl slats can be added for privacy. It provides protection from stray animals and options can be added to dissuade unsavory individuals from entering the property. Custom gates can easily be incorporated into designs.

Multiple styles of ranch fencing accommodate an extensive array of requirements. Fencing is available to contain animals ranging from pigs to cattle and horses. Field fences are an effective means of marking boundaries, eliminating unwanted wildlife depredations and securing equipment.

The materials and options available in today’s fencing market make it easy for individuals to include customizations that are also cost effective. The firm’s fencing is durable, requires minimal maintenance and color options are available for many styles.

The firm utilizes state-of-the-art technology to help clients select the fencing that best meets their needs. The company provides installation plans and diagrams for home owner associations and maps proposed projects on survey plats for approval.

Brown has succeeded in building one of the most successful, family-owned fencing businesses in the region in a typically male dominated industry. Champion Fence Builders is a full service company offering installations and removal of old fencing in virtually any location for protection, privacy and beautification.