New Method, LLC Announces New Real Estate Postcards

Are you interested in purchasing and selling houses making use of real estate postcards for lead generation?

If your answer is Yes, then buying and offering property isn’t really just limited to the dull classifieds any longer!

Postcards are the answer. In a day and age where there’s barely time to check your mail, real estate postcards are a hassle-free method of getting information to your customers about current details. They can create great lead generation. There are 3 primary kinds of realtor postcards that wind up in your mailbox.

The Just Sold Postcard – They might appear redundant as your home has currently been sold, however realtor postcards of this type have anywhere from 1 to 12 property pictures of homes that have actually recently been offered for sale in your area or close by your area. These kinds of real estate agent postcards are to verify that the realtor is capable of selling, and can offer your house for sale and actually find a buyer or use the multilist to find a buyer through another Realtor.

The Just Listed Postcard – Announces all houses that are for sale, including residence pictures and additional information pertaining to the property listed as well as contact information about the real estate agent. This often times includes Photo, Name, Company Logo and Contact Information. These appeal to those who are in the market for a brand-new home, or perhaps some who aren’t however they are lured by the great price or terrific looking home.

The Farming and prospecting Postcards – These sort of postcards call out to potential and future home buyers and sellers to think about the realtor in question.

The Free Current Market Analysis Postcard– This can draw in those all set to list their home. An appealing warranty or free evaluation will usually be made use of to increase interest and name recognition. Sometimes these can take the form of a seasonal card wishing you a happy 4th of July for example. The intent is still to obtain potential customers, however doings this in a more informal way. These postcards often times offer a carrot to get the client in the door for a listing presentation. Then it is up to the Realtor to close the deal.

Just below is a sample of a Sold postcard made use of by actual real estate agents:.

At those websites you can get postcards for any intent, be it to state listings or just to say “Happy Fourth of July”.

New Method, LLC not just establishes a month-to-month prospecting postcard but they give it a name, “Keep ’em Card” because it consists of information that the potential client will certainly hold onto and refer back to over and over once again because it consists of helpful everyday details and information.

Let the photos do the talking! It is often times said that one picture is worth a thousand words. This is expecially true with Real Estate Postcards. Home purchasers are smarter now and will appreciate a photo a lot more than tricky real estate language. Farming relies a lot more on the message than the images, but continues to keep it simple.

Rub It In. A catchy motto, qualifications, or any special deal that is offered is enough. It may seem redundant or rude, but repeated mailings really do work to keep a real estate agent’s name on the tip of tongues. In the advertising industry it is a rule of thumb that it takes at least 6 -8 exposures before someone will begin to remember your name and photo. In postcard marketing this is expecially true. When a genuine Realtor’s name and face is on bus benches, or in your mail box each week, their name will certainly be synonymous with Real Estate. Property postcards are one means to attain this type of local fame!

Here are a few of the different sorts of real estate agent postcards that could fit into your postcard advertising program.

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