HomeThangs.com Has Introduced A Guide To Industrial Style Bookshelves

(PRWEB) August 11, 2014

A person’s book collection can tell a lot about them – what they like, how they think, and even what’s important to them. But how books are displayed matters, too, both for the presentation of the books themselves, and for the appearance of the room as a whole. HomeThangs.com has introduced a guide to industrial style bookshelves, which are both stylish and practical, with a casual, unpretentious appearance that’s perfect for a contemporary home.

This type of weathered, salvaged wood is a darling of homeowners and designers alike right now for the simple reason that it combines a practical look and feel with just enough age and antiquity to toe the line between casual and eye-catching. But the metal parts of industrial style bookshelves are important, too. Usually made of reclaimed metal pipes or machine parts, it’s the metal supports between the wood planks that give these bookshelves their distinctive industrial look.

The metal support pieces, whether they’re pipes or more standard posts or bars, have that gritty, slightly greasy, turn-of-the-century machine shop feel that’s so iconic of an industrial style decor. They make for a sharp contrast to ordinary bookshelves, which are almost always made entirely of wood, and which are generally closed on the sides and back. Using metal pipes and posts rather than more wood planks makes industrial style bookshelves look and feel more open and spacious. Industrial style bookshelves are also often mounted on wheels rather than fixed, so even when they’re locked in place, they feel more dynamic, interactive, and tactile.

There are plenty of designer industrial style bookshelves out there in a wide variety of sizes and designs, but they can also be built from fairly simple parts. Unlike professionally made shelves, which use metal pieces to secure the wood shelves in place and to one another, homemade shelves are more likely to have a sturdy framework of metal pipes with planks sitting loosely on top, but the final effect is similar to designer brands and relatively simple and inexpensive to assemble.

For a slightly more permanent setup, industrial style bookshelves can also be installed directly onto a wall. Rather than sitting flat on the floor or on wheels like a traditional bookshelf, the metal portions of these shelves secure directly to the wall. The final look here is much more industrial, with hints of old fashioned radiators or exposed utility pipes, which is perfect for a posh loft or even a slightly more rugged cottage or farmhouse style. That said, it’s important to be sure the can support the weight of the books, which means placement and size will be limited to the location of the wall studs.