Cousin: The Newborn Saved From a Concentration Camp by Bes Stillwell

Miami, FL (PRWEB) August 11, 2014

An infant is discovered in a bundle placed under a fence at a concentration camp. The child is raised by a local widow, Augusta Ossmann, and her two children, Annaliese and Felix, at great peril to themselves. Augusta passes the newborn, named Willi, off as her deceased sister’s child. He is the “cousin” to her son and daughter. Augusta’s main agenda is to survive the terrible times Germany is going through with her family. A farm woman, she has no political knowledge or agenda.

Townspeople start to doubt the story of Augusta raising her sister’s child and the Ossmann family lives in fear that the truth will be discovered. A Reich census taker asks too many questions of the family, placing them all in fear that their beloved Willi will be taken away. A camp guard, Hermann Scherer, befriends the Ossmann family, not knowing that they harbor a Jewish baby. He falls in love with Augusta and adores all of the children as they adore him.

This is the premise of “Cousin: The Newborn Saved From a Concentration Camp,” a new novel by author Bes Stillwell. The reader follows Willi’s life as he grows up in the Ossmann family in Nazi Germany. The child is taught anti-Jewish propaganda in school and even recites it. The other children are molded this way as well. While not based on actual events, “Cousin” is a work of historical fiction and recommended for World War II history buffs.

Author Bes Stillwell is an American of German, Austrian and Swiss descent and wrote Cousin to bring voice to what the average powerless German might have felt during the Holocaust. Raised in New Jersey, Stillwell currently resides in Florida.