Futurist and Trend Expert Jack Uldrich to Speak on the Future of Agriculture, Finance, and Education

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) August 12, 2014

As a futurist, Uldrich is fond of saying, “the future is not a place.” Building on that thought, he goes on to say, “In the past, banking, retail, healthcare, and education were thought of as physical location customers, patients, and students had to travel to in order receive the product or service. This is no longer true. In Seoul, South Korea for example, customers can now grocery shop at virtual grocery stores through their smartphone and then have the goods delivered to their homes or apartments by the end of the day. Similarly, a growing number of healthcare professionals and hospitals are now using mobile applications and video to reduce the need for patients to physically visit healthcare clinics and hospitals. And universities around the world are ‘flipping the classroom’ and using online courses and video to bring the classroom to the student instead of requiring the student to travel to the classroom.

As a result of these transitions, business models are changing. Retailers are discerning innovative new ways to service existing customers and reach out to new ones; healthcare professionals are implementing new mechanisms to keep people healthy; and schools and universities are scaling their courses to reach thousands of students on schedules that fit into their lives.” Such are some of the issues that Uldrich discusses with his various clients.