Greengro Technologies Signs Multi-Phased Acquisition Agreement With Major HVAC/Construction Company Tricor Mechanical

According to James Haas, “This is a great opportunity for both our companies. Tricor has years of experience in the construction industry and was looking for a company like Greengro to expand into new emerging markets. As Greengro’s turnkey systems business for green agriculture and legal cannabis expands, especially at the state and federal level, having the reputation, and construction capabilities that Tricor offers will make us the obvious vendor choice, resulting in continued revenue growth in this explosive market.”

Arnie Robles, CEO of Tricor stated, “Tricor’s project load from federal and state government funded opportunities are beginning to make up a large proportion of our backlog. To address these opportunities, both large and small, Tricor has begun to aggressively pursue alignment/JV partners to accentuate current capabilities and to copiously learn new fundamentals to increase the likelihood of successful projects while maintaining and forging new alliances. A great example would include the new $29,559,000.00 project at the Los Angeles Federal Courthouse where Tricor teamed up with one of California’s largest mechanical contractors to satisfy the complex requirements. The often challenging nature and specific requirements of such projects has enabled Tricor Mechanical to build a strong reputation for managing complex works while being very flexible to align with. We believe Greengro Technologies is at the forefront of the emerging green agriculture and legal cannabis business which represents a huge demand for complex construction and HVAC systems. We believe aligning our resources with Greengro will give us a powerful position in this market,” added Arnie Robles.

The announcement comes within weeks of the Greengro’s planned expansion into Colorado, and the introduction of the company’s new line of advanced greenhouses which have sparked multi-state demand. Haas added, “The Tricor news is already yielding active quotations for sales of Greengro’s proprietary modular rooms, and commercial size warehouse facilities throughout Colorado, Arizona, Washington and other states where government and private enterprise are specifying out large scale operations to be built in the coming year. We are confident that the combination of Greengro Technologies and Tricor Mechanical will be strategic to our long term revenue growth.”

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