Five Star Lead Pro Publishes New Organo Gold Review Highlighting Scam reports only five percent of network marketers succeed and reveals new strategies to ensure marketers fall into this category.

Kirkland, UT, United States of America – August 12, 2014 /MarketersMedia/ —

“Many assume Organo Gold is a scam as they don’t trust any multi-level marketing plan, yet most experts recommend binary compensation plans be avoided, which is the type of compensation plan used by Organo Gold. For this reason, and numerous others, many representatives are now turning to Sisel Kaffe,” Michael Schumacher, spokesperson for Five Star Lead Pro, proclaims.

Sisel Kaffe differs from Organo Gold in that Sisel Kaffe isn’t flame roasted, a process used by many coffee suppliers, including Organo Gold, which has been shown to create carcinogens in these popular drinks. In addition, Organo Gold makes use of Arabica coffee beans along with Sodium Aluminum Silicate. Most don’t want aluminum in their beverage, and most producers use Arabica coffee beans, leading Organo Gold to be very similar to many drinks on the market today. Organo Gold doesn’t distinguish itself from the crowd.

“Many marketers now choose to promote Sisel Kaffe as it contains ingredients such as Chaga, Ganoderma, and Bacopa. Ingredients such as this support the immune system, digestive system, respiratory health, and memory. Furthermore, the beans aren’t flame roasted, therefore carcinogens aren’t created. Rather than roasting the beans, Sisel Kaffe makes use of infrared technology to cook the beans and only uses Boquete Gesha coffee beans, grown on the company farm in Panama,” Schumacher continues.

Those choosing to promote Sisel Kaffe or those choosing to stay with Organo Gold find Five Star Lead Pro to be of great assistance. When one makes use of this program they find they are able to attract more leads and sponsor additional reps, all in only 20 minutes a day. Approximately 95 percent of network marketers fail. Become one of the five percent who succeed with the help of Five Star Lead Pro.

“The one thing those interested in multi-level marketing need to remember is they must believe in the product they are selling. If they don’t, customers pick up on this and won’t want to buy the products being offered. Consider all network and online marketing opportunities to find the right fit and a product that the marketer can get behind. Many find this to be Sisel Kaffe,” Schumacher declares.

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