Chick-fil-A Looks to Perk Sales by Offering First-Ever Specialty-Grade Coffee in QSR Industry

THRIVE Farmers farmer-direct platform includes a unique revenue sharing model that stabilizes the price paid to farmers year over year. THRIVE Farmers signs contracts with actual farmers and farmer groups to supply Chick-fil-A coffee, and the farmers’ payment for the sale of their coffee is not tied to the volatile commodity markets. Instead farmers maintain an economic interest in their coffee from the time it leaves the farm until Chick-fil-A purchases it from THRIVE Farmers. By eliminating all non-essential layers in the supply chain, this model creates economic sustainability for farmers because they can earn more money, up to 10 times more than through traditional models, which allows them to reinvest in their communities and crops.

To learn more about Chick-fil-A’s partnership with THRIVE Farmers Coffee, its new coffee menu additions, and the farmers who are impacted by this partnership, visit

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