Research and Markets: Global Wind Power Market Guide: Economics, Technologies and Opportunities

With wind power leading the renewable industry, most countries are planning or implementing wind power growth strategies. This report details technology development in the global wind power market, outlines individual country programs and policies, and profiles onshore and offshore projects, and major industry players.

Among all renewable power technologies, wind power is established as a relatively mature technology and has tremendous potential for commercialization and mass production. The global wind power market recovered in 2011 setting a record for new wind power capacity of 4 GW, bringing the total to 239GW, with an output accounting for 3 percent of the total generation capacity in the world.

Data from the World Wind Energy Association shows that wind power now has the capacity to generate 430 TWh annually. Over 200 GW of new wind power capacity could come on line by December 2013. And wind power market penetration is predicted to reach 3.35 percent by 2013, and 8 percent by 2018.

In many developing countries, off-grid small wind power is an efficient and cost effective solution to power supply problems in remote regions. Small-scale wind power technologies now have applications including city road lighting, mobile communication base stations, offshore aquaculture and sea water desalination in several countries.

This Research Report Provides A Comprehensive Analysis Of The World Wind Power Industry Including:

– Overview Of Wind Power Technologies;

– Analysis Of The Global Market For Wind Power Followed By A Country-By-Country Analyses;

– Analysis Of Onshore And Offshore Wind Power By Country

– Analysis Of The Small-Wind Turbine Market

– Profiles Of Major Onshore And Offshore Wind Farms;

– Profiles Of Major Industry Players