Mark E. Toney and Steven R. Korf Launch New Consulting and Management Firm ToneyKorf Partners, LLC

Mr. Toney and Mr. Korf, who have a combined 60 years of experience in the restructuring industry, are building a restructuring firm that adheres to three key principles: 1) Dedicating highly experienced and senior leadership to all clients and projects; 2) Providing commitment and quality services to the client at a fair value compensation structure; and 3) Treating the client, the employees, and all constituents in cases with respect and integrity.

“We see the need in the market for a quality boutique firm that provides top shelf service and talent for clients,” said Mr. Toney, co-founder of the firm. “Too many businesses hire ‘consultants’ who have never sat in a management position and simply tell the client what they want to hear. We, on the other hand, are hands-on, battle-tested managers, with insight, judgment, and a proven track record of fixing businesses and preserving value. This is not an easy economy and businesses need leaders and advisors who will ‘push them’ when they want to relax, ‘pull them’ when they want to sleep, and be firm with them when they are looking at the trees versus the forest.”

ToneyKorf Partners expects to grow by building a culture that focuses on and commits to clients’ solutions while being rewarded for performance.

“Today, clients are smarter and expect real value. We believe that restructuring projects need to be managed efficiently to maximize every dollar in the process,” said Mr. Korf, co-founder of the firm. “In addition, we bring a new and refreshing approach to understanding all of the constituents, their demands and needs, and the sensitivities that surround the organization and community.”

SOURCE ToneyKorf Partners, LLC