CCAGW Joins Coalition to Oppose Lame Duck Farm Bill

“The version of the Farm Bill currently being considered by Congress has been projected by the Congressional Budget Office to cost taxpayers as much as $970 billion over the next ten years,” said CCAGW President Tom Schatz. “If history is any indication, that estimate is almost surely too low. The CBO’s estimates for the 2002 Farm Bill and the 2008 Farm Bill were low by a total of more than $400 billion. Its savings over current law, estimated by CBO to total $35 billion in the coming decade, represent just 3 percent of projected Farm Bill outlays.

“The Farm Bill is a cornucopia of outdated, wasteful, often silly programs, many of which should be allowed to die. Its subsidies, quotas, and mandates often work at cross purposes in ways that distort food markets and line the pockets of prosperous, industrial-scale farmers. And a farm bill passed during the lame duck session would be passed without the opportunity for amendments to be added and without ever having been considered by the full House of Representatives. No piece of legislation as important as the Farm Bill should be pushed through Congress at the last minute in order to save a paltry sum before the end of the calendar year,” Schatz concluded.