Research and Markets: Dictionary of Synonyms Indian Medicinal Plants With an Appraisal of Indian Systems of Medicine

All the medicinal Plants incorporated in Dictionary of Synonyms: Indian Medicinal Plants have been studied for their medicinal properties and qualify for further research in modern labs. This work should not be confused with an exhaustive compilation on agro-forestry nor with a detailed document on botany. The purpose is to provide leads to scholars who are well-versed in folk and indigenous nomenclature, but are not able to reach the latest scientific literature, which is being organized by Latin or English names. This work will also serve as a guide to modern scientists who would like to correlate scientific nomenclature with the indigenous one, to understand and make the best use of ground realities for herbal drug development.

In the text, Indian common and folk names have been spelled according to their actual pronunciation.

– Scientific Inquiry into Indian Medicine

– An Effort to Modernise the Ayurvedic Classical Concepts

– Unani Medicine: Research within Fundamental Framework

– Siddha Medicine (Slowly Moving towards Scientific Validation)

– Drug Variants of Indian Medicine (Predominantly Classical)

– Standardization of Herbal Drugs in India

– Improving Shelf-life of Herbal Medicine through Microcosm

– Pruning Process of Indian Polyherbal Formulations

– Experimental Studies in India (Scientific Edge Over Classical Concepts)

– Interactions

– Toxicity

– Leads of Ayurvedic Plant Drugs The Nomenclature

– Synonyms by Botanical Names

– Synonyms by Indian Names

– Index.