Floracopeia Announces the Release of David Crow”s Book

Dante Bolcato is the Italian ethnobotanist who shared his knowledge and wisdom, as well as his expertise with David Crow regarding the amazing Palo Santo trees and the distillation of their essential oils. Their essential oils cannot be harvested from the Palo Santo tree while it is still living. The Palo Santo tree has to die a natural death to produce the essential oil. A former psychotherapist, Dante Bolcato has perfected a distillation method from branches collected along the forest floor. By creating a uniquely sustainable industry, his efforts have led to the availability of the tree’s essential oils as well as the development of a successful large-scale reforestation endeavor.

In Spanish, Palo Santo means “holy tree.” However, despite its distinction as a sacred tree, deforestation has endangered the Palo Santo tree the same as it has so many others in the forests throughout our world. The soothing and intoxicating aromatics of the Palo Santo smoke have long been used for healing purposes and aromatherapy and “Sacred Smoke: the Magic & Medicine of Palo Santo” reintroduces this unique natural healing source to modern society.