Casa Sauza(R) Unveils Its First Extra Anejo Portfolio Extension

“With its extra age and rich, smooth finish, Casa Sauza XA, Edicin Limitada is like a fine cognac or whisky,” says Victormanuel Martinez, Casa Sauza executive chef and sommelier. “When served in a nosing glass, the aroma of Casa Sauza XA unravels, captivating the senses to deliver a refined, one-of-a-kind tasting experience. It’s perfect when paired with coffee or rich desserts, such as tiramisu, black forest cake or even pecan pie.”

A rare offering, only 12,000 750 ml bottles have been produced, including approximately 1,800 bottles for the U.S. Bottled in an elegant glass tequila decanter accented with a distressed leather strap and metal buckle and housed in a signature box, each bottle of Casa Sauza XA, Edicin Limitada is individually numbered and has a suggested retail price of approximately $150 (U.S.) per bottle.

Sauza(R) Tequila, 40% alc./vol. (C)2012 Sauza Tequila Import Company, Deerfield, IL.