CatBase Retires Technology to Next Generation Solution Documoto

DENVER, CO — (Marketwire) — 12/11/12 — CatBase, a leading software technology serving hundreds of companies, announced an agreement with Digabit, Inc. to license its CatBase technology and transition its customers to Documoto.

CatBase, developed in 1989 by Novalog Informatique, offered the cutting-edge technologies of its day with Electronic Parts Books and Illustrated Part Catalogs. Now, CatBase users have the opportunity to work directly with Digabit to convert content to its flagship product Documoto.

“Digabit has already successfully upgraded several CatBase customers to Documoto, with automated conversion of data. Documoto has grown quickly and has many customers across several sectors including mining, energy, transportation, construction, forestry, medical, and other asset intensive industries,” Mr. Burton states.

In a letter to CatBase customers, Burton encouraged the conversion to Documoto as a next generation solution that has the essential technology expected of today’s market.

“I believe you will find Documoto to have many compelling capabilities. Web delivery, support of 3D models, mobile and disconnected support, integration with ERP and CAD — and other 3rd party applications via Web Services — are all supported by Documoto.

“Digabit welcomes the opportunity to license CatBase, a forerunner of technical documentation for asset-intensive industries, and to broaden the experience of its users by introducing them to Documoto’s many features,” said Alan Sage, Digabit CEO.

“We look forward to matching the customer service provided to them by CatBase — and we wish Roch the best in his future endeavors.”