ecoSolutions Intl Announces Name Change to Hedgebrook, Rebrand Underscores New Strategy

“In 2013, we plan to change our corporate strategy to take advantage of new opportunities in exciting markets. Brady will play an important role in guiding our implementation of this new strategy,” said William Patridge, President and CEO of Hedgebrook.

“Hedgebrook’s team will be focused on finding opportunities to acquire undervalued and underperforming assets, developing product lines based on new and licensable technologies, and building strategic relationships with partners that can deliver synergies across our portfolio,” said Brady Brim-DeForest, newly appointed Chairman of the Board.

The company’s shares started trading under its new name and stock ticker symbol, “HBRK,” effective as of market open on December 10, 2012. The company’s common stock has been assigned a new CUSIP number of 42278J105 in connection with the name change. Outstanding stock certificates are not affected by the name change and will not need to be exchanged, provided, however, that Hedgebrook shareholders may do so at their own cost.

The company also effected an increase in the number of authorized shares of common stock that it is authorized to issue from 100,000,000 shares to 200,000,000 shares.