Semcon Increases Transport Efficiency on Winter Roads

Dynamic information about gravel roads’ bearing capacity during the spring thaw can significantly improve transport efficiency for the forestry industry. BiFi (BArighetsinformation genom fordonsintelligens or Capacity information through vehicle intelligence) is the result of a research project between Klimator, Semcon, Trafikverket (the Swedish Transport Administration) and VArmlandskarna (the VArmland Association of Road Transport Companies). All parts of the system are now being rigorously tested in a demonstration experiment.

Every year the spring thaw causes major problems for the forestry industry’s transport. Many smaller gravel roads have capacity restrictions during the spring thaw period. With better information, the length of capacity restrictions can be reduced. Therefore there is a huge need to estimate the gravel roads’ bearing capacity in real time.

“It’s exciting that Trafikverket is now proceeding with a successful research result and carrying out a rigorous demonstration project,” says Anders S Johansson, project manager for BiFi at Semcon.

“Integrating data from vehicles and existing road weather data allows a reduction in the time of load constraints. This means transport efficiency is increased and less environmental impact,” says Per Wenner, Director of Accessibility issues at Trafikverket.

Trafikverket is carrying out a demonstration experiment in two operating areas in Tiveden (in the Orebro area) to evaluate if the BiFi information system can lead to a more efficient use of the road network for heavy traffic, by showing in real-time the gravel roads that are usable for heavy traffic during the spring thaw period.

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