Rabobank Honors Chobani With Leadership in Innovation Award

The Rabobank award for Innovation in Leadership recognizes a company in the bank’s North American Wholesale client portfolio which has demonstrated exceptional ability and resourcefulness in implementing new ideas and business practices, or applying existing ideas and practices in new ways, that contribute significant value to the company and/or its industry. The 2012 award honors Chobani, a Rabobank client, for the transformational impact of its practices on the U.S. yogurt industry and its success in redefining an established market to advance its own business and the overall yogurt category.

Innovation and creativity within the food and agriculture industry will be critical in both emerging and developed markets to address the need to feed a global population of 9 billion by the year 2050, says Rabobank. In selecting the winner of its annual award for “Leadership in Innovation,” Rabobank considers examples of innovation in the following areas: products or services, technology or systems, supply chain management, operating efficiencies, risk management, sales/marketing/distribution, and ethical leadership and responsibility.

Chobani was selected by Rabobank North America as the winner of its 2012 award for Innovation in Leadership based on the following:

SOURCE Rabobank