Author Announces Children”s Book That Brings Animal Awareness This Christmas

From a place deep within the Scandinavian forests with a history that goes back hundreds of years comes a little mythological Nordic Santa now to be introduced to the children of the world. This is a magical little Santa who has the ability to speak the ‘animals language’ and who cares deeply for the animals, how they are treated and their living environment. He has come to connect with children, but also check on the animals to make sure they are very well cared for and loved, leaving none unchecked. Since he is able to speak the wondrous ‘animal language’, he is able to understand perfectly well what animals have to say about how they are being treated.

Carita Sundin, the author and illustrator of “The Animals Christmas Star”, has spun a beautiful and magical story for children where she introduces this ‘cousin of Santa’, the mythological little Nordic Santa, through her narrative and beautiful illustrations. As everybody is busy finding the right gifts in technology and gadgets, Ms. Sundin has taken some steps back towards the fine gift of story-telling from centuries-old times in Scandinavia and has made it her inspired purpose to bring a more genuine message about caring better for animals. Her strong belief is that it is important to inspire young children about the significance of treating animals rightfully and also protecting their habitats so that when these young children grow up they will be able to appreciate animals in a deeper and meaningful way. In these young minds is where our planet’s future is.

It is unthinkable that our children would live as adults in a world where many animal species no longer exist and have gone the way of extinction. It is their generation who will ultimately carry the hope of preventing that from happening. Ms Sundin feels that by connecting to children at an early age, the seeds are being planted for them to find ways to take care of animals later on and how they deserve our caring love.

Having grown up in Scandinavia, Ms. Sundin heard numerous stories of the Nordic Santa since her early childhood. An example, how incredibly mad he could get if the animals were mistreated and not cared for well, something which he would not accept at all. From these early experiences she became aware that it is imperative that we all take care of the animal kingdom well and their living habitats. This book is her vehicle to inspire young minds with this message. What is lost cannot be brought back again, which would be very sad for future generations to come. Inspiration is needed.

Admittedly this is a simple Children’s book, albeit a transformational one since this book also carries, as a main topic, the significant message of believing that absolutely everything is possible. In no unclear ways, “The Animals Christmas Star” conveys in the story that anything is possible as long as it is a good and noble matter. For young children, this alone is important to understand since this will continue with them all their life.

Ms. Sundin has found a worthy symbol of caring and believing in magic, transmitting something far more connected with the Earth values in the little mythological Nordic Santa who goes walking through the deep snow from place to place through forests of myth and magic, and who carries a flame towards the future where there is hope for the star to shine bright for the animals and their environment, which alone can bring us happiness.

About the Author: Carita Sundin, the author and illustrator of this book, is also a film scriptwriter and animal activist. Her work is represented by Earth Forces Media Inc.