Farming? There”s an app for that, says Turner Investments commentary

According to the analysts, farmers, as part of today’s precision-agriculture movement, are “as likely to be wielding an iPhone as a pitchfork.” Precision agriculture uses global-positioning satellites, database management, and digital imagery, among other technology, to help farmers make more exact decisions about planting seeds, irrigating crops, and applying fertilizer. In turn, fields produce higher crop yields at lower costs, using more environmentally-friendly methods.

The analysts identify three companies that offer farm equipment, seeds, technology, or services that they believe are particularly well positioned to benefit from the growth of precision agriculture: Deere, Monsanto, and Trimble Navigation.

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As of November 30, 2012, Turner held in client accounts 327,380 shares of Deere, 705,555 shares of Monsanto, and 1 million shares of Trimble Navigation.