Walk Free Calls on Big Business to End Slavery Worldwide

“Forced labour does not exist in isolation, it encourages related abuses such as fraudulent recruitment.It is time for Corporate Giants to collectively address their responsibility to make modern slavery a priority for their global agenda.”

While many think of slavery as a relic of history, experts estimate that there are currently 20.9 million people living under threat of violence, abuse and harsh penalties[1]. Within this massive number, the majority of people — more than 14.2 million — are in a forced labour situation, used to source raw materials, and create products in sectors such as agriculture, construction, manufacturing and domestic work.

Some companies rely on goods that are sourced from countries where business accountability and government regulation are weak, and factors such as poverty, discrimination and conflict create opportunities for exploitation. Without consistent supply-chain monitoring, suppliers are exploiting the system — and people — to turn a profit.

[1] International Labour Organization Global Estimate on Forced Labour, 2012

SOURCE Walk Free