Amazonas Florestal Receives Purchase Order for $2,640,000

Having passed an on-site quality control inspection and filled previous orders for Trackwork, Amazonas receives this purchase order as the next step in a growing relationship with Trackwork, its longest-standing and largest client. This larger order provides Amazonas with leverage to harvest current forest management projects, which will, in turn, provide additional supply of species for production at low cost.

“As a product, sleepers are a perfect fit for us: the approved species for sleepers are abundant in our properties, they’re a high-yield product, and they don’t need kiln-drying, which significantly boosts our profit margins,” says Michael Ibar, CEO of Amazonas; “we’re excited to begin the fulfillment of this order and hope to continue expanding our relationship with Trackwork.”

Amazonas Florestal is a diversified forest management company generating profit through innovative, sustainable management of its large tracts of land in the rainforests of Amazonas, Brazil. Amazonas Florestal’s sustainable forest management strategy, with its green philosophy and method of cyclical harvesting, preserves ecosystems through habitat and water resource preservation, positioning it as an industry leader in responsible, eco-friendly timber practices.

Headquartered in Miami, FL, Amazonas’ goal is to become the leader in sustainable forest management, creating revenue while protecting the biodiversity of the rainforest ecosystem and enhancing the lives of the people who live in it. Through a strategy of selective harvesting, biomass production, and conservation incentives, Amazonas Florestal not only protects one of the world’s greatest natural resources, it also makes preservation profitable.

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