“We Grow Beds” Company Reclaims the Lost Art of Storytelling.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 31, 2016

LOS ANGELES – With no venture capital backing to speak of, the Quinn and Ellman brothers created quite a stir last year by announcing the first “farm to bedroom” line of luxury mattresses in America. Now the launch of their corresponding website looks to raise just as many eyebrows, and these guys have bet the farm to prove that success in the luxury mattress business hinges on the quality of story behind your product. Lucky for them, hand-crafting beds from natural materials (grown on a sixth-generation family estate in Yorkshire) may just be the best story in the industry.

“Studio C5 came highly recommended for their ability to engage consumers through search, social media and interactive educational content,” says Quinn. “Our main focus with the new site is not only to show off a product line that is completely unlike anything else available on today’s market, but also to engage the emotional side of consumers and provide education in dispelling so much misinformation currently out there on the topic of sleep.” To accomplish that, the new website incorporates a wealth of original video, as well as an impressive collection of sleep-related blogs written from a perspective typically unseen on bedding manufacturer sites.

On the video side, Mark takes it upon himself to go one-on-one with consumers in several short monologues that touch on all the key advantages of Spink & Edgar products. He does one segment on why owning a luxury mattress should be a priority to us all, as well as another that uses simple terms to explain the recent evolution of coil technology. Elsewhere on the site, luxury mattress shoppers can get swept away by aerial video of the Yorkshire estate itself, along with inside access to the Ellman’s factory floor where all Spink & Edgar USA products are crafted.

In terms of journalistic content, The Scholar is an entirely exclusive online magazine available to all consumers through a free email subscription. Unlike traditional sites that deceptively advertise through dressed-up “educational content,” The Scholar emerges as both surprisingly objective and informative on a wide range of sleep-related topics that matter most to consumers. Within its pages, readers can find helpful information on everything from optimizing their overall sleep environment to understanding the medical link between poor sleep and weight gain.

Spink & Edgar’s ultimate goal with this approach is two-fold: By first driving consumers to the new website and inspiring them to actively seek out an in-store product demonstration, retail channels won’t have to invest nearly as much energy educating luxury mattress buyers on a brand with which they may not already be familiar. Furthermore, the new website’s multiple short video clips have been tailored specifically to aid sales associates in communicating the brand’s message during in-store product presentations.

At the end of the day, Spink & Edgar is relying on romantic notions of wool, linen, and hemp (grown in England) to tap into a wider American movement toward sustainable resources with traceable origins. Combine that with the technological wow-factor of a flagship product containing 9,000 coils and micro-coils, and the result is a fiercely independent new market segment that occupies its own unique place in today’s luxury mattress space.