Celebrate #NationalDairyMonth With Franklin Foods Greek Cream Cheese: 10 Ways to #sayyestogreekcreamcheese

DELRAY BEACH, FL — (Marketwired) — 05/31/16 — June kicks off National Dairy Month and in case you need another reason to go Greek and get more dairy rich low-fat protein in your life — you know the essential bone building nutrients, more protein, less fat — we at Franklin Foods, the makers of the first and only Greek Cream Cheese, are making it easier for you as we kick off 10 Ways to #sayyestogreekcreamcheese.

Yes, that’s right, Greek Cream Cheese is made with premium milk and cream and produced with the help from our farming friends in Enosburg Falls, Vermont and Casa Grande, Arizona.

If that’s not enough, follow us on Facebook or Twitter and share your tips — #sayyestogreekcreamcheese — and you could win your very own supply of Greek Cream Cheese. All that just for going Greek and making healthy — and delicious — eating choices. Winners will be announced every Friday throughout the month of June. How’s that for a summer Friday?

For now, it’s time to Greek Out so here’s some light reading to get you started (like what we did there?):

Start the day with, a Greek Cream Cheese Parfait: Layer Greek Cream Cheese with your favorite fruit and granola. We promise it will taste as pretty as it looks.

Don’t skip the bagels: Spread rich delicious Greek Cream Cheese on your favorite bagel — add Lox or anything else that suits you.

Feeling like something fruity: Mix Greek Cream cheese, honey and almonds to your favorite fruit salad. With a spring in your step, you’ll be saying nothing tastes as good as Greek Cream Cheese all day long, or at least until lunch (keep reading).

Heading out on a picnic: Spread Greek Cream Cheese on your favorite bread and layer with cucumbers.

Dip away with your favorite veggies or pita chips: Mix Greek Cream Cheese with fresh herbs and spices — even the wildly popular pimento (gasp).

It’s BBQ season so spice up your burger: Mix Greek Cream Cheese with your favorite hot sauce or salsa and spices (a little or a lot) and voila!

Feeling a little Devilish? We get that. There’s nothing-devilish about 10 delicious grams of protein. Mix Greek cream cheese, Dijon mustard, mayonnaise and white wine vinegar for a delicious deviled egg alternative.

S’mores with More Protein and less fat: Mix Greek Cream Cheese with marshmallow fluff, whipped topping, graham crackers and chocolate. Ok, let’s admit, it’s easier than pitching a tent.

We scream for Greek Cream Cheese Raspberry White Chocolate Chip Ice cream. That’s one delicious mouthful! Take Greek Cream Cheese add raspberries, graham crackers, and white chocolate chips. Need we say more?

And in case we didn’t have you at S’mores, try our Greek Cream Cheesecake. You can even try it in an easy-to-transport jar. How’s that for choices when you have oh so many places to go?

Your turn: #sayyestogreekcreamcheese