Graze on Local Farm Fare with Delta, Union Square Events Partnership

Chef Karangis’ commitment to locally sourced ingredients extends to the skies as he transforms Five Acre Farms milk into milk chocolate sea salt and strawberry lemongrass ice cream for Delta’s iconic Sundae Bar, as well as housemade Stracciatella cheese to accompany a salad of heirloom cherry tomatoes, tomato-rose water jam and baby watercress. In addition, the milk will also be used in the Five Acres Farms’ yogurt that will be served as a breakfast option.

Highlights from Union Square Events’ menu include Roasted Cascun Farms Chicken with corn and vegetable succotash and Gotham Greens salsa verde, Union Square Events Chili Lime Cashews and Pastrami Beef Brisket.

Chef Karangis has also developed breakfast offerings, featuring Union Square Events Cold Pressed Juice with fresh greens, cucumber, green apple and ginger, and Steel Cut Oat Pudding with Five Acres Farms yogurt, apricot jam, cocoa nibs and goji berries.

The latest menus pair with Delta’s 2016 wine program curated by Master Sommelier Andrea Robinson, which follows a similarly seasonal approach. This year, Robinson has sourced a number of locally-made wines from, in some cases, small, artisanal wineries that bring to the tray table a flavor and body uniquely their own.

SOURCE Delta Air Lines