C.C. ‘Cliff’ Gibson, III Has Been Recognized Among the Top in His Industry by the Expert Network©

“I grew up on a farm and that’s what I was going to do for my vocation. But I had an uncle who was a lawyer, and he encouraged me to pursue a career in law.”

Asa thought-leader in his industry, Mr.Gibson is dedicated to sharing his knowledge with colleagues across the state of Arkansas. Hehas conducted seminars for the Arkansas Bar Association as well as the Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association. His prominence across several prestigious professional organizations, along with his decades of experience, gives Gibson a unique vantage point from which to followprevailing trends in law. He noted:

“I am paying attention to changes that are affecting the conduct of litigation. I am constantly trying to keep up with the tort reform measures that are being enacted in various states as well as with discovery rules in both State and Federal courts.”

Mr. Gibsonpresently serves as County Attorney for Drew County, Arkansas, and has served on the Board of Directors of Commercial Bank & Trust Company for over twenty-five years.