Canadian Centre for Food Integrity launched to connect farm gates to dinner plates

The new Canadian Public Trust research highlights the rising cost of food and access to healthy affordable food as two top concerns for Canadians, above concerns for health care or the economy. With 93 percent of Canadians saying they know little or nothing about farming, determining fact from fiction about our food continues to be a growing issue.

“Public demand for transparency keeps increasing for the whole food chain – from farmers through to food companies. We must be more responsive on questions regarding healthy, affordable food and how we produce it,” said Mackay. “The new CCFI will serve as a critical hub to help the Canadian food system better understand the public’s questions and concerns and determine how to bridge the gap that currently exists between farm gates and dinner plates.”

Mackay said, “Farm & Food Care and CCFI combine to be a unique coalition that brings partners together from coast to coast to provide credible information. It includes everyone from individual farmers and associations to food companies, governments and researchers.”

The new Canadian Centre for Food Integrity is a division of Farm & Food Care Canada and an affiliate of US-based The Center for Food Integrity. Members and project partners, representing the diversity of the food system, are committed to providing accurate information and working together to address important issues in food and agriculture. The Centre does not lobby or advocate for individual companies or brands.

SOURCE Farm & Food Care