San Clemente Dam Removal Milestone Event and Ceremony

On Monday, June 6, 2016, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. PST, California American Water, The State Coastal Conservancy and National Marine Fisheries Services will host a celebration and ceremony to mark the removal of San Clemente Dam from the Carmel River on California’s Central Coast. Federal, State and local elected officials, as well as members of the media are invited to attend.

The event is designed to recognize those who made significant contributions to the project. This includes numerous representatives from federal, state and local public agencies, as well as those in the Monterey County community who have committed great effort to bring the dam removal to fruition.

Speakers include:

The removal of the San Clemente Dam on the Carmel River has been called one of the greatest opportunities for river restoration and recovery of the threatened steelhead trout on California’s Central Coast. When the dam was torn down in the summer of 2015, it became the largest dam removal project in California history and established a model of how other needed dam removal and river habitat protection programs may be accomplished.

Deconstructing the dam was an $83 million undertaking, which involved sequestering the silt that had accumulated behind the dam and rerouting a 1/2 mile stretch of the river into an adjacent stream to bypass the sediment. It was an innovative solution to a complex problem that was undertaken through a collaborative effort between California American Water, the owners of the dam; and the California State Coastal Conservancy and National Marine Fisheries Service, who secured $34 million of the project total.

Among its many environmental benefits, the project:

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